Why Don’t We?



Determined to impress her ex and get him back, 22-year-old Lexie Salvacion goes to an online buy-and-sell app and purchases an unused romantic dinner voucher from a guy named Kiko Malvar, who sells it after getting friend zoned by the girl he’s supposed to date. It would have been the Best. Date. Ever. But the ex makes a no-show and Lexie is forced to go through the whole date to save face—with adorably awkward, mobile app wiz Kiko.

What started as a disastrous encounter turns into an unlikely friendship between the two, fuelled by a shared fondness for sweets, geek talk over ice cream, naming cars and a common goal: to launch the country’s first-ever dessert directory app. Soon enough, Lexie feels her feisty, cool-girl exterior melt away as she lets Kiko see who she is IRL.

Something tells her this is definitely real. But just when she thinks she’s ready to turn it up a notch, past wounds are reopened and a family crisis pushes her to make a big life decision.



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